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Topic: OT: A trip down (computer) memory lane...

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    OT: A trip down (computer) memory lane...

    Long ago and far away I began my computer-aided journey with a Kaypro...

    It came with 64K...my watch has more memory! But it worked and it helped me write my first book.

    Next came the venerable ESQ-1:
    This was actually a fairly decent synthesizer/workstation...at least for the times.

    Then came my wonderful PMA-5:
    The sounds weren't half bad and the sequencer was pretty good...all things considered.

    Next, Roland's MC-80:
    It's still useable as Styxx will testify.

    Next my modern HP with 1 gig ram and a nice 2.8 ht P4.

    And my most recent l'objet a désiré: A compaq laptop with 2 gig rams and an AMD 64 3700+...the ram is nifty and the processor actually modifies its own behavior by running at lower speeds when demands are lower...and GPO makes it all sing!

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    Next, Roland's MC-80:
    Yup! Unreal. Still great for many of uses. I've had to use mine for the past few weeks now altering midis, editing tempos, and converting midi files.
    Cool thread. Does bring back memories. Wow, what would we do if all this suddenly disappeared? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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