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Topic: K2 having trouble finding nkm on network drive

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    K2 having trouble finding nkm on network drive

    I did some work for a client, yesterday, some additional strings for a live track, they use SX3, and since Nuendo3/SX3 doesn't allow exporting midi tracks as "selected tracks" that also include the connected VST Instruments, and their settings. (stupid) I had to give them a nkm file of the one instance of K2.

    Their EW library is on a network drive that's about a terabyte in size. They use gigibit LAN connections.

    They did the rebuild of their database, and they can load instruments from their database into K2 with no problem. but my nkm file that was nothing more than 16 instruments loaded with EW stock instruments. And ofcourse I had to do tha silly ridiculous output setup of the new K2, so that each instrument went out to seperate faders in Nuendo3. After an hour of letting K2 search, it finally found just one instrument, and then after another 10 minutes they just stopped it.

    They had to reconstruct the multi manually, including all those new (madness)outputs. Maybe some Kontakt tester beta here, can report this for me.

    kind regards,

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    Re: K2 having trouble finding nkm on network drive

    As a work-around:

    K2 lets you know the name of the sample you're looking for (when it can't find a sample during search).

    At this point don't let the K2 search engine auto find the sample.

    Instead, manually look for the sample name using the generic windows search engine.

    Point K2 at this folder. At this point K2 will quickly find the rest within the surrounding folders quickly.

    I had the same problem, took several minutes before I decided to cancel.
    In the K2 search / build database, limit K2 to to look only at the drives where the data is, else it searches the entire network. Also, make sure that all of the options, Multis, Banks, Presets, Samples that you need are included (or excluded) in your search.

    Hope this may help a little.


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    Re: K2 having trouble finding nkm on network drive

    In this case it was looking nki files from the EWQLSO. Had it been just wav files, probably wouldn't been any problem.


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