quick query about the volume,

as the volume is controlled with the modulacion controller CC1, I just wanted to know , the neutral standard volume is it supossed to be the middle of the wheel? the 50% mark in the graph at the sequencer ?

just wanna know so that if I assign the CC1 modulation controller to one of my sliders, how will I know whats suppossed to be the lets say Zero reference volume point for that instrument, is that the middle point of the slider?

so, when we select an instrument at the beginning we hear it so low in volume because obviously there is still no modulation curve drawn at the sequencer, so then I go to the sequencer, and how do I know which height of the modulation value is the standard volume for that instrument

in the kontakt player I can see that each instrument is set up initially with a
volume like -14.1 DB etc, but how does that translate to the height of the modulation controller value at the sequencer , or to the place in the slider position in the keyboard

so basically Im just trying to know how to know what modulation value to draw or what slider or wheel position to select when I want to use or return to the standard reference initial volume value of an instrument

thanks loads for your help