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Topic: Musikmesse - Day 3

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    Musikmesse - Day 3

    Today was another day of meetings with press, distributors and music companies. Had a few minutes to walk around and a f few things I noticed. Steinberg announced Asio 2.1. Digitalmusician.net announced a web site for musicians that works along with a VST plug-in to allow real-time, distributed music production via the Internet. Musicians can team up for joint music projects. Perhaps we can do more GPO collaborations with this product.

    I got a chance to go to Hall 4 and get away from the roaring cacophony. The entire hall is devoted to stringed instruments- violin makers, violas, cellllos and basses. What a nice relief.

    The Solo Stradivari violin continues to be a show stoppers. Even violin players are amazed.

    One of the highlights of the day was a developer meeting with Herb from VSL, Marteen and Vincent from ProjectSAM, Scarbee, Csaba Huszty, and Michael Post. We got ntogether abd discussed some issues and challenges facing sample developers. They are really great and talented guys. It was a real treat to be with them.

    Budi Seibert was performing at the M-Audio booth. Budi used to be the woodwind player for Andreas Vollenweider and we used to hang out together years ago. That was a nice surprise to visit with an old friend I have not seen in over 16 years.

    Tomorrow is the last day. It is the public day and we expect big crowds.

    It's Friday night and time to join in on the GPO Chat - see some of you there. Do you European members really stay up this late to join in on the GPO Chat? I have a newfound appreciation for your participation now.

    More soon...

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Musikmesse - Day 3

    how exciting!!!!

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    Talking Re: Musikmesse - Day 3

    Must - have - Solo Stradivari violin - now!

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