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Topic: x-custom intruments

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    x-custom intruments

    hi all, quick query

    do you use the new x-custom intruments? or the dry original ones?
    which do you find more useful for big orchestral composition work, what are the advantages and drawbacks u find in the x-custom instruments if any, do u recommend doing all work with the x-custom ones, or the dry ones are still ok, how does the fact that the x-custom ones load at full volume, how does that feel different to the dry ones loading at minimum volume, and what about the fact that the x-custom ones can be set so that they can reach silent volume whereas the dry ones as far as I can remember cannot do that

    thanks for any info

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    Re: x-custom intruments

    Ya know, I have them as well yet haven't really played with them. To be honest, I forgot all about them till now! Maybe I'll try a few in some of my work to see what they is all aboutsk!
    Thanks for reminding!

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    Re: x-custom intruments

    Where can I find those?

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    Re: x-custom intruments

    you can download them from the downloads area at the website and they are also available in the october update, i think in the site theres a pdf file explaining all about them also

    Quote Originally Posted by moviemaestro
    Where can I find those?

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    Re: x-custom intruments

    I have all of my updates, so I probably have them here somewhere. thanks for your help

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