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Topic: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

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    Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    For I am undone. I have just been informed that Samplitude 8 has a dongle. Now I really don't know what to do. I really wanted to get this application and I don't want to be discouraged by this recent turn of events, but geeze, I hate these things with an unbridled passion.

    Does anyone know if this only applies to the Pro version or does this apply to all versions of Samplitude 8. There sure as heck wasn't a dongle on my lovely version 6.

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    Quote Originally Posted by Joseph Burrell
    There sure as heck wasn't a dongle on my lovely version 6.
    There was barely a midi editor there either.

    It is a sad truth that this is the way the industry is heading because of BS from peeps sharing more than they should. (It confuses me, my mom always told me to share growing up??? J/K)

    SX had a dongle since 1.0 and I never minded, it sat there thru the upgrades - never unplugged all the way up thru version 3.1 and then I sold it to another well respected NS member when I found SAW Studio (which Rob R. can get you at a great price JB ). But life with a dongle wasn't all that bad - it was seemless for the many years I ran SX.

    Either way - I wouldn't let something as small as a dongle (like 2 inches?) be the deciding factor - I would let the audio engine, ease of use (and for the grafix artists among us) its ability to be "shaded" be the deciding factor.

    I use too many smilies when I type.
    Alan Lastufka | www.BelaDMedia.com
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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    Pro and Std have dongles. It is the same situation as Cubases latest dongle . It is actually a dsp dongle that houses some of the program code. It is darn near impossible to crack without seriously hampering the program (so don't think you can download a crack to it even if there is one - and i am referring to you purchasing the program first). The dsp dongle is a good concept compared to the on/off dongle. I haven't benchmarked it but it will use some system resources due to data being streamed in and out of the usb port. Make sure you definitely use firewire if you are using an external drive. However, I do like Cakewalk's line of thinking when it comes to dongles.
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    Hello Joseph, et.al.,

    I've been enjoying dongle-free DAW usage on a top-of-the-line DAW for over 10 years! Check out http://www.sawstudio.com

    John H.
    Blazing Hammer Productions
    "Is not My word like fire? And like a hammer which shatters a rock?" - Jeremiah 23:29

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    The presence of a dongle is always reason enough to shun a product. Punishing the paying user merits some reverse punishment as well - in the form of leaving the product unpurchased!

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    I agree with Alan, even though he uses too many smiles. Other than the premise of principle that adds inconvienences to paying users, isn't the worse case a $30.00 4 port hub if you run out of usb ports? With Cubase SX and external DVD, all my USB's are spoken for, so sincerely interested.

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    Now, now ...Dongles have been around much longer than the 'convenient' USB sticks ... us 'old timers' certainly recall the day we had stacks of them hanging gracelessly from the parallel ports.

    I have a keychain full of them ... who cares .... helps developers make money and make better stuff.

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    who cares .... helps developers make money and make better stuff.
    I care! Dongles have two problems: potential conflicts with other rights-management schemes, and if you travel, they can get lost easily, thereby depriving you of your product. I have a lot of gear in difficult-to-access locations, especially now that I can't get around as well as I used to, and dealing with a dongle as I move from recording session to session in different studios makes it real easy to lose. Challenge/Response works just as well, is no harder or easier to crack, and allows for management just as well.

    And if I lose it (yes, I'm a clumsy, unorghanized idiot who can't find his own head with a mirror?) Can I just go to Steinberg and say, "Here's my receipt, to prove I bought the product, issue me another dongle?" No, they have demonstrated they will not do this, so I'm SOL.

    Developers have every right to protect their product, but I have every right to keep unwanted bits of hardware out of my systems. There are several current and soon-to-be-released products that I won't buy because of a dongle. It's fine for me, as other companies have equivalent apps; it just cost the developer a sale, and I'll just go elsewhere.

    If you absolutely must have a dongled product, wait till the crack comes out (it won't be long,) then buy it so you're legal and honest and run the cracked version.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    I have a review here on Sam 8 in our Australian Audio Technology magazine. The guy writing the article wrote two english manuals for Sequoia, 5.92 and 6.0 plus manual 6.0 for Samplitude.

    He says; "Unlike many USB devices, the dongle and OS do not need to communicate continously - start up the program, the dongle gives the ok, then it goes to sleep until next time."
    It doesnt appear in this case that the dongle has a continous "back and forth" happening...

    Hope that helps,


    P.S. Dongles still are a PITA though.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Oh Woah is me... (Sam 8)

    Hey Scott,

    I heard that rumor too, but the magix newsboard - news dot nv dot net - says otherwise. They say it is a dsp dongle that streams constantly. I am not discounting your review, but that newsfeed includes some of the programmers from Magix. Here is an excerpt:

    The new dongles are DSP based. The only thing they store is a code
    based algorythm and mini operating / transport system. But they pass
    an enormous amount of encryption data. Unlike the dongles of 2003 and
    earlier these dongles communicate with the application continuously in
    real time passing information in streams up and down the connection
    bus. The application is wriiten with a multitude of hooks to handle
    the communication and streaming protocols. The CPU overhead per
    application is low but there is a latency. As the number of these
    devices increases the CPU overhead per application increases
    exponentially because without the CPU intervention there is no
    handling capability for the dongle data streams. AS the CPUs on the
    host machines get more involved the latency increases exponentially.
    The manufacturers are due to make a fortune because the products can
    only be cracked by attacking the layer under that layer of the
    application where the encryption verification is based. That means
    kernel level hacking. Like a VPN tunnelling network it is very secure
    - not uncrackable physically/theoretically but in all practical terms
    uncrackable. This is all irrelevant. The technology does not align
    itself with any Audio or Video stream data that may also be utilising
    the USB bus. The research at MIT where the technology was developed
    clearly outlines the impact on the USB bus on anything other than
    intermittent data that is not streamed.
    The problem is as I've stated, the success of the dongle will
    ultimately lead to the music market becoming multi-dongled. A few VST
    plugins, VSTi instruments, a couple of mastering peripherals, the host
    DAW, every one with a dongle - and that is when the melt down occurs.
    The impact is on the host CPU which is supposed to be running your
    Go and figure and do the research for yourself.
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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