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Topic: Looking for ensembles...

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    Looking for ensembles...

    I am currently working on a symphonic rock album and I'm looking for very realistic sound for orchestral strings background. Could you recommend sth? I don't need whole orchestra on 10 CD's, just rich, deep ensemble sounds, necessarily looped. I have heard Vitous ones thanks to my friend and they sounded good but weren't looped.
    Ah - and one more thing: max 350 $ .
    Thank you in advance for help.

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    Re: Looking for ensembles...

    I'm sure you could do well with something like GPO or the EastWest QLSO Silver version.

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    Re: Looking for ensembles...

    Those are for sure the two that come to mind. My personal experience is with GPO and I can tell you it progs very well

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    Re: Looking for ensembles...

    Spectrasonics Atmosphere has some really nice string ensembles. Retailing at about $370 at Audiomidi at the moment.


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