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Topic: American football should be banned

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    American football should be banned

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    My family (dad, brother and his kids, wife, daughter) I went to an arena football game today because my mom was dancing in the halftime show, which featured 300 people doing synchronized Jazzercise.

    As we took our seats (a little late), play was stopped because a player was on the ground. It was obviously a spinal cord injury - he wasn't moving, and they were huddled around him for a long time. Things didn't look very good.

    I just found out that he died. http://staging.hosted.ap.org/dynamic...04-10-20-15-11

    It's such a stupid ~~~~ing game. There were at least three knee injuries, and several instances of people writhing in pain but ending up okay.

    I've been squeamish about football ever since my brother, a walk-on to the UCLA football team, injured his shoulder for life in the '80s while being used for tackling practice. Your brain tells you not to run into huge objects head-first by sending you a pain signal. It hurts for a damn good reason.

    This (paralyzing or fatal spinal cord injuries) happens several times a year in the U.S., mostly in high school. Football is a pathetic game and it should be outlawed.

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    Re: American football should be banned

    I have to add rather selfishly how thankful I am that we - and especially the kids - didn't see the play.

    We'll get over this, but the poor guy's family won't. He had a wife and kids, only 26 years old.

    This is just awful.

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    Re: American football should be banned

    That's horrible! My thoughts are with his family - it's a shame that it ended that way.

    I'm sure that seeing that happen will be with you for quite a while, maybe even the rest of your life. I like football a lot, but the last few seasons have been hard to watch because I'm afraid of what I'll see.


    p.s. I'm very glad that the you and the kids didn't see that.
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    Re: American football should be banned

    I agree 100% Nick.

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    Re: American football should be banned

    I think football is the most awesome sport ever invented. Just because some people get injured or, on the very very very extremely very rare occasion, dies does not mean it should be banned. There are too many sports to list that have enough associated risk that death sometimes happens. Risk is what makes all these games so thrilling to play and watch.

    Are we going to go and ban skydiving, bungie jumping, skiing.....RUGBY....etc...etc...etc?

    I would have been more sympathetic to your situation but, ya know, Al Lucas was the player that died and you didn't even mention his name. You only posted to talk about how devastating it was to be there, and yet this guy died, and you didn't offer one condolence. He used to play in the NFL for the Panthers.

    EDIT: Read your follow-up, you still should've mentioned his name.
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    Re: American football should be banned

    Frogness, you're about as insensitive as it's possible to be.

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    Re: American football should be banned

    If you do not like it don't watch . Nobody is making people play these games .

    I think people should quit driving since there are so many fatal accidents every year ......

    Sounds quite silly , no ?

    I love full contact sports - lacrosse , football , mixed martial arts , etc . Nobody forces me top watch them but I do . Injuries suck but that is the chance they take by participating . Pro athletes make a ton of $$ - they know the risk .

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    Re: American football should be banned

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Batzdorf
    Frogness, you're about as insensitive as it's possible to be.
    Nick, I apologize if that post was unecessarily harsh. I wasn't trying to flame you or ridicule you I was just arguing the point. Someone says "ban" things and my libertarian philosophies kick in. I would've had a completely different attitude if you hadn't mentioned banning it. In fact, I originally started the post by trying to relate to your experience but it seemed superficial in contrast to what I was trying to say so I removed it.

    It upsets me that you, and probably others, think that I'm insensitive and uncaring. I'm a very empathetic and kind person in real life. I'm a musician. If we met professionally we would get along great, I almost guarantee it. Not because I'm any different but because I really care about people and I'm generally not argueing. When I say something like I do on these forums in real life, there's a complete change in my composition and I just present my view in the most efficient and respectful manner possible, because it pains me to have to disagree with people. I like getting along with people. So between my direct nature when I disagree with people and these Off-Topic forums, where I'm generally just disagreeing with people, I'm usually only expressing a very small fraction of myself.

    So again, I'm sorry if it was too direct. I was just trying to be efficient and threw in a little smartassness.

    And I am sorry if what you went through was tough on you or your kids.
    Michael Peter

    If music be the food of love...
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    Re: American football should be banned

    There is one sure 100% way of never getting injured in football or putting your family through the pain of losing one to an injury like this...DON'T PLAY THE GAME. It really is that simple.

    It is terrible what happened and my condolences to the family and teammates. But...in my opinion, we don't need this to turn into another situation where the gov't comes in and does what is "best for the people because they don't know any better" and ban the sport of football. That just does not make sense to me on any level. Every player knows the risks.
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    Re: American football should be banned

    What a tragic story.

    There are risks in everything.
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