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Topic: Why are Power PC mac laptops good

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    Why are Power PC mac laptops good

    I read the hardware specs of the apple power g4 laptops and they seem very meager. Like 1.67 ghz chip speed and a slow bus speed. So why do so many people say that they perform so well? Are they really that good for proaudio or is it just opinion. What pc laptop is comparable to the new mac laptops?
    I just dont understand how a 1.67 ghz mac can be better than a 2.6-3.0 ghz pc that has a faster bus speed and same amount of memory.


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    Re: Why are Power PC mac laptops good

    You can only compare clock speed when chips have the same architecture. The G4 chips does more in one cycle than a PC chip does. It's like comparing tire rotations per second with tires of different sizes. A small tire has to spin more times per second to cover the same amount of ground that a large one does.

    And then the other factor to remember is that Windows sucks balls.

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