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Topic: Double notes in DP 4.12

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    Question Double notes in DP 4.12

    Hi All,

    New to the forums and GPO (great product BTW).

    I've been trying to figure out a good workflow with GPO, using Pro Tools or Digital Performer. I think I prefer the bells and whistles that DP offers, which brings me to an issue I've been encountering: occassionally I'll get a note played for key on and key off. In other words, if I press down on a midi controller key I get a note played and when I release the key another note plays. I've also noticed this happening withing the score feature. If I restart DP it goes away, so I guess it's not a huge deal, but odd nonetheless. Anyone else encounter this? Suggestions?


    - Keld

    p.s. you all have a great forum here. Very supportive and informative.

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    Re: Double notes in DP 4.12

    Hi Keld, welcome to the big family of Garritan world!

    I use dp 4.52 and have never had that problem.
    Weird indeed, especially since it doesn't do it after re-starting dp.

    You should emial this problem to "magic Dave", Dave Roberts at Motu, his email address is...
    magicd@motu.com He is very helpful, and perhaps everyone's favorite dp guy!


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    Re: Double notes in DP 4.12

    What instruments is this happening on? It may be that you are using a keyswitch instrument and it is inadvertently set on the "playable tremolo" option. Several instruments have this; the solo strings and several of the percussion (timpani, triangles, castanets, etc.). This is specifically done so you can play a rapid succession of the same note using note-on and note-off signals. This may be what you're encountering. Of course, I may also be way off base, but I thought I'd throw that in as a possibility.

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    Re: Double notes in DP 4.12


    I'm also new to GPO and the forums. About your question, are you sure that double notes are not produced by the release trigger key switch? That is only for solo strings and some percusion.

    Greetings to all members

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    Re: Double notes in DP 4.12

    Thanks all for the notes. I'm pretty certain it's not a release trigger issue because the behavior is not normally there. I've noticed it in one of the cello samples (one of the solo players I believe) and the snare drum samples.

    I'll send an email to motu as suggested.



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