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Topic: Two types of Raptors

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    Two types of Raptors

    On newegg.com, I see two different WD 10,000 rpm raptor drives with a price difference of around $50. The more expensive says it has "enterprise-class throughput".

    Does anyone have any real-world experience with that drive?

    Bottom-line... is it worth the extra bucks?

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    Re: Two types of Raptors


    There is no difference. Usually the price difference is because it's a re-furb, or it's an OEM with no box/software versus a Retail Hard Drive Kit.


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    Re: Two types of Raptors

    Thanks. That's the advice I got as well from others. It is interesting how they give you the impression though that it's better by mentioning "enterprise-class throughput" on the ad for the more expensive one.

    Ah, the wonders of marketing!

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