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Topic: Check this out.

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    Thumbs up Check this out.

    Harmony Central®: Computers and Music: Audio Programming
    Resources for audio programming, including sample code implementing audio effects and synthesis, programming tools for various platforms, SDKs, ...

    I admit to not having a CLUE as to what all this is (well, maybe a bit) I know there are plenty out there that do!

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    Re: Check this out.

    Nice find, Styxx. Thanks!

    - m
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    Cool Re: Check this out.

    Yeah, nice page indeed! That one saved my a** more than once when I did my thesis paper

    There's also a very nice book on DSP programming you can download for free at www.dspguide.com. It's written in a very approachable way, though all its sample code is in BASIC and FORTRAN (d'oh!)... ah well, at least this keeps one from cut'n'pasting the code and requires to actually understand what's happening

    Thanks for reminding me of the site, I forgot of it after I accidentally trashed my bookmarks at some point...


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