Hello All,

I was hoping someone could shed a little light on my situation. As my collection of sample libraries grows (and consequently, my credit card bill ), so does my need for more storage. Up to this point I have kept all of my apps and Windows XP on my Dell 8400 HD and all of my libraries on a 80Gb Western Digital External HD. Well, the time has come to expand, so I purchased another 80Gb external HD, this time a Maxtor 3100. Both HD's use USB 2.0. Up to this point, the Western Digital has worked flawlessly, and was truly plug & play. I assumed the Maxtor would function similarly.........well, not exactly.

I plugged in the Maxtor drive, and Windows prompted me to install. Fine. I get an error messege about the "device may not work properly...." Now it seems that the computer only very occasionally recognizes the drive (like when i unplug it and plug it back in), and the Western Digital is sometimes hiding files. The files are there (memory capacity and usage stays the same), they just appear to be gone.

Now, what seems to be happening from my point of view, is that the computer thinks that the seperate drives are the same drive, causing some kind of conflict. I don't know if there are some settings that I need to configure or some kind of info about using multiple drives that I don't know about, but this is holding up the music making process!! Oh, and on a final note, the new drive has no drivers from Maxtor. They claim that it should work just fine with XP.

Again, any help would be immensely appreciated. Thank you,