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Topic: GPO + stormdrum?

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    GPO + stormdrum?

    So I'm getting a tax refund... and I want to spend some of it on new toys.

    I tend to write rather percussion-oriented stuff, and stormdrum looks to be very nice. Is anybody here running that alongside GPO? What's the cpu usage on SD compared to GPO (say, per instrument).

    I'm probably gonna need to upgrade from my 1GB of memory though.

    Or, I could just be sensible and put that money in savings or toward installing my hardwood floors.

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    I use stormdrum. It works well in tandem with GPO. You will probably need to get more RAM though. p.s. - Hardwood floors are nice though...

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    Talking Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    I like the natural maple finish. It's nice an light. Not too dark and depressing.

    Although that depends on the room's style. A library might be good with a deep oak finish giving it a more warm cozy feel.

    The natural maple might just be better for bedrooms and living rooms.

    What do y'all think?


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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    My cherry floors really add warmth to my space. Nice and pretty and cozy

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    I kind of like the look of bamboo actually.

    Hmmm, upgrade the house, or feed my expensive hobbies... tough decisions....

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    Quote Originally Posted by moviemaestro
    My cherry floors really add warmth to my space. Nice and pretty and cozy
    Sounds nice!


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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    Yeah, It's nice!! I guess that I should mention that they are cherry laminents...Can't really tell the difference though - they look like real and feel like hardwoods

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    From what I've heard with moviemaestro's music, stormdrum is an excellent source and mixes well with GPO. It's priced very competitively as well. Although I prefer to play in the parts live I've decided to look into it myself.

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    EDIT: Ooops, wrong product...
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
    Markleford's music: http://www.markleford.com/music/

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    Re: GPO + stormdrum?

    But isn't it premade lines/sequences that you time stretch to your needed application? This kind of turns me off of it.

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