Hello everyone

i recently bought a new motherboard and processor for my Gigastudio Computer. i bought the Asus P5GDI-Pro motherboard witch uses the 915P chipset. I installed everything, and i was astound at first that my memory usage with 1Gig went up from 67% to 89%. That was very nice, but since i normally use Giga3 and Cubase SX3 in the same computer, 1Gig is of course not very much, and when i load a big Performance in Gigastudio, there is simple no memory left for the DAW. I had to install another Gigabyte of RAM. Here come the funny(g) part: With 2 Gigabytes of ram, i could only only load 25%(!) Ram, witch in absolute numbers is far less memory then in the 1 Gigabyte configuration. The memory tweaks give me a little bit more Ram, up to 51%, but sometimes interfere with the DAW configuration.

I wanted to ask if someone with a the same computer configuration has noticed that, is it something normal for the chipset, or is it something that i can tweak in the Bios or in Windows?

With regards