I'll try to make this as SHORT as I can, but bear with me.

I have a P4 with 2g memory running XP Pro. Recently, it began a problem where it could not see two of the 5 drives I had attached to it. After many PC gurus, and finally a trip to Geeksquad at Best Buy, everyone seems to think it's the motherboard connection of those two drives. We mounted them on a Adaptec SATA controller card and now they are seen fine. A way around not replacing a motherboard right now.

BUT....ever since it's been back from Best Buy, after startup, when I launch GIGA 2.5, it goes black and restarts. It may do this several times before GIGA finally launches OK. This USED to happen all the time with the VSL Performance tool, and I read where someone solved it by launching GIGA first, quitting, then launching Perf tool. For some crazy reason, that solved the problem for me too. But now as I say, it's GIGA that is crashing on first launch. I've checked to make sure Hyperthreading is NOT enabled. Other than that I have no guesses what is causing this, other than perhaps that the there are more problems with the motherboard than just the drive connectors.

ANY ideas appreciated. I'm not a PC expert at all, only using it for GIGA and the Mac for Pro Tools. I've gotten to the point where I think I'm going to leave the system on 24/7 once Giga is up

Thanks for any ideas.