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Topic: Competitive Upgrades Orchestral libraries?

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    Competitive Upgrades Orchestral libraries?

    East West has now just begone slashing prices almost in half with competitive upgrades for silver and gold. Does anyone think the market (EW Competitors like vsl, si, project sam) will follow suit?

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    Re: Competitive Upgrades Orchestral libraries?

    I wouldn't be surprised if all the major players started blowing out their libraries, based on the notion that they will soon come out with new libraries, which will incorporate new technologies like those in Synful Orchestra.

    DISCLAIMER: On the other hand, I don't know much about this topic and I am just speculating.

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    Re: Competitive Upgrades Orchestral libraries?


    I doubt it. EW has a plan and strategy on this. They are about to release the Pro Upgrades in the next month or 2. In the 2 years or so that QLSO has been out, I believe that they've made back their original investment and a profit on the original. Their sales volumes for the library has probably fallen in recent times. This gets EW many new users because they see it as a great deal (which it is). With more people as customers, once they're hooked, they are more likely to buy the Pro Update (which won't be dropped in price unless it is a preorder) rather than spend that much and/or more on a competitive product.

    It's a good and agressive business plan for EW which makes sense for them. I hope that it doesn't create too many problems for the other developers as I feel that it is great to have competition. The big question is always "VSL or QLSO?". I think both since both give you different sounds and each has their own strengths and weaknesses. Without that competition, developers don't have to push the envelope as much. In the past couple of years, the quality of the orchestral libraries has increased so dramatically it is amazing and exciting.

    I think though that other manufacturers should be offering some incentives of their own. They don't need to be as drastic or agressive in their pricing but customers need to feel like they're getting a deal. Sure, Pro's will always buy what they need but there are a bunch of semi-pros and serious hobbyists (no disrespect here) that will spend the money as well, only if they're given the incentive to. If I simply want a library but don't absolutely *need* it, I will wait until I have enough of an incentive to buy it. Case in point, EW had their bundle deal offered on Colossus, Ra and Symphonic Choirs. I didn't really need any of the three but their deal essentially gave me 30% off and I really wanted Ra & Symphonic Choirs. EW received a good chunk of change from me as a result and I received 3 awesome libs. I would have probably been sitting on it until at least when they were first discounted later on.

    Anyway, I've rambled enough. I don't realistically foresee the other companies following suit with as agressive a strategy as EW has taken but I would like to see some incentives. It doesn't have to be discounted new items (unless it is preordered) but can be incentive just to get them as a customer with further incentives down the line for upgrading to a full product.


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    Re: Competitive Upgrades Orchestral libraries?

    East West is a major player so if they're cutting prices every developer with a similar product is going to sit up and take notice (especially those with product just coming to market such as MOTU and IK Multimedia).

    East West can also take advantage of a low US dollar to price their products lower than European developers can comfortably match.

    VSL has announced a price drop on Opus 1, I think there'll be more to come as other developers are forced to follow.

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