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Topic: MOTU 828 problems

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    Unhappy MOTU 828 problems

    It sometimes won't boot up properly; the LEDS don't respond to incoming audio and of course it won't communicate anything via firewire. I've tried to find a reset procedure like the mkII and traveler has (they also seem to have similar problems) but to no avail...

    It seems to me that there is some sorta of order in which things need to be booted up and/or connected. I'm using the MOTU into the built-in firewire in my laptop. No other firewire devices. The firewire driver in my laptop IS compatible with the MOTU, I've already confirmed that, and in any case it often does communicate when the 828 boots up properly. Maybe I'm messing something up by doing things in the wronge order, and the unit needs time to reset itself. It drives me nuts sometimes, as I've also been able to get it working by randomly trying different combinations of restarting/powering-down/booting-up and connecting/disconneting of the firewire - though, again, it seems to be a MOTU problem specifically...

    Anyways, anyone know about this? Thanks ALOT in advance.
    Brain Edwards

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    Re: MOTU 828 problems


    Sounds to me like you have a bad unit. I would contact MOTU and send it away. This happened to me once a couple of years ago and I had a new unit on my doorstep in two days.

    Food for thought.



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