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Topic: RMX MIDI Question

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    Question RMX MIDI Question

    Hi. I just bought RMX this weekend -- looks fantastic so far.

    I'm trying to control it with an Edirol PCR30 keyboard. I've got a Mac and I use both Logic Express and Live 4. (I'd like to use RMX with both.) Could anyone give me some advice on 2 questions:

    1. No matter which MIDI channel I set my PCR30 to transmit on, RMX always reacts on its channel 1. How do I set things up so I can select which of the 8 RMX channels my PCR30 is controlling?

    2. I've had only mixed success with MIDI learn. E.g., Slider 1 seems to always control all the RMX controls that I have assigned to any of the sliders. Thoughts?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: RMX MIDI Question

    Dunno about Logic Express...but in Logic you have to make a multi in the environment and cable it to the RMX audio instrument.
    The exact steps are outlined here; http://www.spectrasonics.net/rmxcommunity/
    Hope that helps,


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    Unhappy Re: RMX MIDI Question

    I'm sure that's the right track, but Logic concepts like "multi", "environment" and "cabling" are all so new to me that the directions in the RMX community page didn't make any sense to me.

    Anyone with enough patience to give me a step-by-step to get, e.g., RMX channel 2 to see the MIDI signals coming from my keyboard? Much apprecitated....

    Again, I'll take a Live- or Logic-based answer, whatever's easiest...


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