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Topic: The Aftermath

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    The Aftermath

    Here is the end theme to Morning's Wrath, feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    The Aftermath

    Thanks in advance,
    Adam Frechette
    Alternate Future Productions, LLC. CEO
    Composition | Web Design
    - www.morningswrath.com
    - www.etherealdarkness.com
    - www.audiostreet.net/adamfrechette

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    Re: The Aftermath

    Hello Adam ,

    I really enjoyed listening to your work. What i appreciate about this piece is that it has not fallen into the trap of showing off but instead it is very honest and emotional . I really like the sonorities and the color of the music, everything is very soft and warm sounding while peacefully evolving.

    What i did not like that much is the string section that came in at around 2:40 , there seems to be a small harmonic problem with the progressions - at least to my ears.

    Apart from that : Great work ! If you could make a full length Cd with this sort of music i'm sure it would go great financially .
    All the best
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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