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Topic: Kontakt 2 VSL Samples vs. Silver ?

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    Kontakt 2 VSL Samples vs. Silver ?

    Hi folks,

    I own EW Silver and want to get Kontakt 2 ( I already have Kontakt). I know Kontakt 2 have a small VSL library, what do you think about it, especially compared to EW Silver ?

    I also consider to get Silver Pro later, do you think it's worth when you have the small VSL library and Silver ?

    I know that nobody knows the Pro update yet, but I already want to ponder a bit. ;-)


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    Re: Kontakt 2 VSL Samples vs. Silver ?

    I own Gold, and I prefer the tone of the VSL samples more. Of course, the K2 library doesn't have a huge amount of articulations, but I think its more well-rounded and flexible overall than QLSO Silver.

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