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Topic: Gary please resond to this, what do you think?

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    Gary please resond to this, what do you think?

    Hi all. I first want to start off by saying thank you to so many people. As someone new to the world of samples, you all have helped me make my music come to life. So thank you all.
    Now on to the topic at hand.

    What the heck happned over at norther sounds. I was on a few days ago and i read a post about will the archives be closing after 2 weeks. Then after checking this site, i see there is fourm and i see some grumblings about somthign that happned over at ns, What happned?

    Is this all cuase there was a mention of a group buy for platinum, is this why ew is leaving ns?
    I liked ns cause i could read about all the big names and get information from lots of users from around the world. Iam just wondering if this is all cuase sombody over there got upset about a group buy, if it is i think its pretty weak. by ew shutting down that heurts more people than most would think. I know people who foudn out about ew just from the fourm, well hell i found about ew from that ns site, if it were not for them i would have never found about about you guys.

    I would just like to know exactly what happend, if it was just cause of the group buy thing or what? And who gives a ~~~~ if you want to promote a group buy, you were sponsring the board were you not? I mean would nick and doug have a heart attack if gary advertised a group buy for the GPO and the garritan strings set? I would be highly surprised if nick and doug would freak out.

    I have vsl product and garys stuff and ew stuff i liek them all for differnt reasons, i think its great that there are so many makes of this stuff. Each new product from each company pushes the other companys and i think that is good.

    I recently saw a post for a new VI magazine and saw that doug said good luck to him, i mean that is a magazine that will do reviews on ew's stuff. I mean what if and this is JUST A WHAT IF, they reviewd a ew product and they said it was not very good, and sai dit was a waste of money, would doug and nick want the magazine to fail? I dont think so. No i dont ever think you woudl make somthing that woudl be so bad jsut using it as an example.

    I must say that i enjoy hearing from everybody from this camp here, and the gpo camp and well everybody, we are all here for one reason , music.

    You there is a line from a movie that says " Only love and music are forever" Well if we did not love music we would not be here, we would not be buying these products, we would not be say how great they are, or read about sombody saying i dont like this or that.

    Well i jsut wanted to let everybody know how i felt, and hopefully to get some answers from doug and nick. And all of you. I am sorry in advance if this post has botherd anybody, and nick and doug i hiope you take this letter as a complement to all of your fans, with out your tools we could never make are music come to life.


    thanks for the good times, gary (gpo) doug and nick (ew) and most imporntaly all of you, for those who have made us all laugh, with your replys and the music that has been made cause of these developers, music that has made us laugh, cry, inpiered us all. Thanks for the memories.

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    Re: Gary please resond to this, what do you think?


    I don't know what to think. I have been out of the country when this was all happening. With the GPO Orchestration concert I was very busy and had only sporadic NS contact via internet cafes and hotel lobby connections.

    So I am not the person to ask. You'll have to ask East West why they left as I imagine it was their decision to leave the Northern Sounds community.

    I agree with you that we are here for music and let's keep that the focus.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Gary please resond to this, what do you think?

    Thank you gary for getting back to me. You are exaclty what you reputation preceds you as. A man of music. And you are right its all about the music.

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