I just installed GS V1.62. When I did setup the output-sample-rate to 44.1k (OK) but it seems doesn\'t let me set the output bit-lengh-rate to 16Bit (only 32Bit is allowed). So this meant that the GS will push my system to work too hard in order to get 32bit audio resolution (Please correct me if I\'m wrong!). It\'s caused all the graphic on screen displayed very slowly when I switch one to other applications (you know) even only runs MIDI-tracks without any audio-tracks. Anyone know what is problem, please help. Your help will be highly appreciated. I did report this problem to Kelvin@Nemesys but I still haven\'t get any respondings yet!
Best regards,
Here is My Setup:
CPU: Athlon 750Mhz
Chipset: VIA Apolo Kx133
Memory: 320Mb
HardDisk: SCSI IBM 7200RPM/9.1G
IDE1: master 20G/DMA66/7200, Slave 20G/DMA66/7200
IDE2: CDRW 2/4/20X
Soundcard: None (not connected)
Modem: None (not connected)
Graphic: AGP GuillemotCougar 32M (set to 16B color and 1024x756, off accelerate)
PCI: SCSI controller and PulsalI-PCI with Pulsar V2.0 updated from V1.32 (PnP enable)
MIDI Gear: Sequencial multi-track/Studio 440 sampler
Par/serial/USB: Disable
Others: Mackie Studio-Monitor, 16bit/44.1khz Rec. and Playback
OS: Window98/NT4.0/Win2000 (selectable boot)
SEQ. Software: Calkwalk V9.03