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Topic: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

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    GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Greetings Dudes and Dudettes,

    I have had GPO for 5 days now and have already done a successful mockup for a cable channel client. GPO is very cool and fast to work with!

    I have been a Kontakt user for years. I have no problem with GPO in Kontakt 1.5.3. However, I just received Kontakt 2, loaded one program (I tried several individually) and am getting audio cracks and pops.

    Without pouring through the Kontakt 2 manual, has anyone tried Kontakt 2 with GPO and is there some overtly obvious setting that I need to make?

    I understand Tom Hopkins is the programming guru? Tom, have you tested GPO with Kontakt 2?


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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    I've got the same problem. I just got Kontakt 2 yesterday. The VSL Orchestral sounds that came with it work fine. My EWQLSO Gold sounds play properly. However, I'm also getting the same annoying pops and crackles when I try to play a GPO sound. Any thoughts anyone?

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMeister
    I understand Tom Hopkins is the programming guru? Tom, have you tested GPO with Kontakt 2?
    Tom who? Actually, rather than a "programming guru" I prefer to be thought of as a "misunderstood, reclusive eccentric of questionable ancestry."

    Yes, I've had a chance to work with K2 and it is a very impressive achievement. I predict that a lot of good things in there will eventually make it into our libraries. The convolution section and the scripting are both very exciting additions. As to the problems you are experiencing with GPO and K2: I have not encountered the pops and clicks on my system. In fact, the audio streaming seems to be performing significantly better on my system than it did with K1.5. There are some other problems with GPO though that I've brought to the attention of Native Instruments so I expect them to be addressed quickly. As mentioned in some other threads here, these problems involve the sustain pedal and random pitch variations that occur when the pedal is depressed. Also, I've discovered similar symptoms for the keyswitch instruments. I'll bring your problem to their attention too even though I can't duplicate it here. I have confidence that these problems will be short-lived.


    P.S. I always take the opportunity (when the subject of GPO being used with the full version of Kontakt comes up) to mention an important caveat for users: Always be aware that cc21 "length" data (value 64) must be placed in most tracks prior to any notes so that the default note length/release times as they exist in the player are correctly matched. Otherwise the note length/release times will be too long in Kontakt. This is because Kontakt does not respond to the default value text files used in the player. This was an unavoidable consequence of providing the valuable length control for wind and string instruments in the player.

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    I've had a chance to examine the problem more closely. On my system, the pops and clicks only occur on string instruments (solo and sections) that contain samples that sustain (ex. sus & short; KS combo; lush; etc.). Winds, brass, percussion, and keyboards do not seem to be affected.

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Try turning off multi-processor support in Kontakt 2.

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Bob, thanks for the tip, but I'm stuck on the multiprocessor support issue. I have hyperthreading turned on in my laptop DAW, which was delivered to me that way by the folks that built it. If I try to change the hyperthreading in the BIOS, Windows XP will not boot. The BIOS manufacturer has not updated the BIOS. The only way to work around the issue is to start fresh and re-install Windows XP after changing the BIOS to "non-hyperthreading." I'm not keen on doing that after having tweaked the system and gotten everything to "play well together."

    I did not have any issues with Kontakt 1.53 playing GPO samples. Kontakt 2 is supposed to support multiprocessor systems. While I only have one processor, it is hyperthreading; so I would not expect this to be a problem. I have also downloaded and installed the latest Kontakt 2 update (2.01) from Native Instruments' website. All the libraries other than GPO play fine.

    Could it be the DFD streaming option under Kontakt 2? I have the latest DFD extension, but I know GPO is designed to work best in RAM. If this is the issue, then it would seem that GPO could not be used in Kontakt 2 with libraries that stream from disk. The VSL library included with Kontakt 2 is simply outstanding, and blends exceptionally well sonically with GPO. I really want to use both in Kontakt 2 with the new convolution reverb it incorporates to put them in the same sonic space.

    For anyone that has any ideas about this popping and crackling on the string sounds, these are my system specs: Clevo 17" laptop (same company that makes the Sager line), 3.2 P4 800FSB, 2 GB ram, 60 BG 7200 RPM HD x2 (one for streaming samples, one for applications), Echo IO soundcard.

    By the way for anyone that owns Kontakt 1, it is worth every penny of the money to upgrade to Kontakt 2, if only for the VSL library alone. The library contains keyswitch instruments that are controlled by the mod wheel, very similar to Tom's genius in GPO. This makes using GPO and VSL together almost transparent. As for GPO, I can't say anymore than everyone else around here has said: simply an outstanding, groundbreaking product, with top notch programming.

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    NI have posted the 2.01 update to Kontakt, which among many other things is supposed to fix the multiprocessor problem, and convolution performance is vastly improved. I don't think the GPO sustain and pitch problems have been addressed yet.


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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    What I meant was:

    1) Go into Kontakt2
    2) Click on Options
    3) Click on the Audio Engine tab
    4) Click off the Multiprocessor support
    5) Exit out of Konakt2 (and host program) completey and see if that now works

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Btw, to switch an instrument into Sampler mode (as opposed to DFD mode):

    1) Load an instrument
    2) Click on the wrench (upper left of instrument)
    3) In the source section click on the drop down button labeled DFD.
    4) Select Sampler

    Per docs:

    This is a "standard" digital sampler that stores sample data in system memory, reads it out from memory, and applies any needed pitch-shifting by resampling the audio data. The Sampler module is very efficient and draws little power from the host CPU.

    -- Bob

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    Re: GPO and Kontakt 2 - Problems

    Thanks Bob, I'll try both.

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