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Topic: Networkable HD enclosure

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    Networkable HD enclosure

    Has anyone used one of these? I don't mean for streaming samples, I mean as a sort of server? It looks very useful; I didn't know they existed.


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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    Technically it's just a samba (SMB) server. It's a smart little package and there are many vendors that make these, but it's not really any different than opening up file sharing on a windows server on your network, or running a samba server on a BSD or linux system on your net.

    It is very handy to keep all your personal data on a network drive; then you don't have to migrate this data when you switch computers, and it can all be in available whether you use your PC or laptop or mac or whatever. I've done this for about 15 years...

    You can actually stream samples off a network drive though I would never recommend it. IIR my server will stream a bit more than 100 voices over the network, but this probably takes more server CPU than you would get in a cheap appliance server, and you will ultimately hit a wall limited by server CPU power, network bandwidth, and protocol latencies. This is why you really want your samples local.

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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    I came in contact with those kinds of things when I searched for a solution to access the same DVDR from several computers. The solution was a device which was an external DVDR with an incased ethernet circuit along with it. Good idea, but too expensive for my needs ($550 USD).

    Since the problems that concerns these devices mainly concerns the network setup and functionality, it should be fine as long as the network is. As for hardware, I think it's reasonable to suspect that any hardware problems should be just as common for these devices as with IDE drives and such - meaning it happens, but not often.
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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    Thanks. I'd never heard of these drives, but I guess it makes sense that a drive in a networked computer is the same thing.

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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    A couple of months ago, there was a test of SOHO NAS stuff (Networks
    Storage Area) in the German c't magazine. And most of the stuff was
    pretty crappy in terms of performance. It seems that all those systems
    didn't have a CPU that had enough power to saturate a 100MBit network.

    The fastest solution was from a company called Buffalo. Their product
    is names LinkStation and is available in different sized harddrive configs.

    This system was able to supply up to 7MB/sec over the network-link
    which was pretty decent - the competition was more like 1-2 MB/sec...


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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    c't? I'm not even going to ask.

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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    AFAIK c't stands for "computers" and "technology". This magazine
    exists for over 20 years now and has a good reputation for technical


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    Re: Networkable HD enclosure

    [slapping myself]

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