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Topic: OsX_Atmosphere wont install at all!

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    OsX_Atmosphere wont install at all!

    I've just bought Atmosphere today as I want to use it on a job, and here's the message I'm getting once lauching the installer (before you ask, yes, the installer is on my hard drive...as it seems suggested it should be...):


    "A disk related error occured while joining the segments.
    Unknown error.
    Error ID -61.
    CopyToDestFile -Open()"

    erm...any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: OsX_Atmosphere wont install at all!

    Hi bluedog,

    It's been a long time now since I installed my copy on my Powerbook under OSX. Are you using the OSX installer? If I recall correctly (unless the newer versions are different now), you need to download an OSX installer as well as an OSX joiner app. The installer installs the plugin and the joiner joins the .dat files spread across the discs into one single file.

    If you've done all that, have you tried repairing permissions? I tend to do that before and after every install as a precaution.


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    Re: OsX_Atmosphere wont install at all!

    THanks FV,

    By the time I got your post, a friend of mine had told me about the "joiner"...of course, ironically, the only place I found anything about this Joiner app..was..huh..IN THE JOINER APP's FOLDER ONCE DOWNLOADED.!

    I think the Spectrasonics boys are great, but in this case, I have to say, surprisingly thoughtless about this one.
    It took me 5 hours to go through this process...and it took my friend the same amount of time when he did it.

    Anyway... all's well, but just!


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