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Topic: Atsia

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    Question Atsia

    Is anyone out there using SI's Atsia? If so how does it measure up?

    I need African drums in order to pitch for a job, but they have to be playable. Although the director says he hears African drums I think he also hears jerky rhythms a la Rite of Spring, so a library of 6/8 loops is no good. How are the individual instruments in Atsia?

    Please help if you can.

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    Re: Atsia

    Funny, I was just wondering about this library as well, since BestService.de sells it as one of 3 libraries for 150 €. Does anyone here have it?

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    Re: Atsia

    Thanks Sharmy.

    OK now I'm really ticked! I just saw the offer at BestService. I got really excited. Whereas I had been about to pay $179 for Atsia, I thought I could now get Atsia, the Ultimate Timpani, and CDextract for 150Euros....

    ....Only at the end of the ordering process was there a little note on screen saying 'we deliver anywhere worldwide except England and Ireland.' Presumably this is because Time and Space have the license for Britain, but I really think they deserve to lose it - not only do they never do anything even vaguely similar to this offer, but they don't even have Atsia. So now, instead of paying about $60 for Atsia, I will have to pay $179, plus VAT, import duty, delivery and the exorbitant fee that Fedex charge for speeding your item through customs. Probably $240 total.

    I'm off to throw stones at small dogs and knock down sweet old ladies...

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    Re: Atsia

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharmy
    good thing you are not allowed to have guns like we have in the states.
    That is unfortunately worse :-(

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