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Topic: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

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    Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    Just picked this up today and all I have to say is WOW. For those that dont know, the Yamaha CS-80 synth was made popular back in the late 70's by various rock groups and composers... namely V~~~~~~~... this synth makes up a good chunk of the bladerunner score. It has a daunting interface... but it's worth it.. the sounds you can achieve are really incredible and I know I'll find a ton of use for it in some upcoming game projects. Seriously, check it out! From a historical standpoint I'm also getting a kick out of learning how to program the monster, very cool, some of the presets ae quite dated, while others will definately work in many of your projects. On top of that, anything that is talked about and used by Hans Zimmer, I'm there :-). All that said, anyone out there have this and know how to set up some v~~~~~~~ esque sounds... mainly the string orchestra sound / brassy sound heard in bladerunner?


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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    the presets with the demo did nothing for me......did I miss something?

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    Yeah it sounds nice......

    ..just not like any 'real' CS-80v!

    I get so dissapointed in these VI's that are just pretty pictures of rare vintage synths that you can actually move the controls on and hear nice sounds that don't sound very much like the actual instruments but all basically sound the same.

    Arturia did okay with the Moog Modular and let's face it, all their other synths are just variations on that even the new ARP.

    I had a job in a studio long, long ago where the owner had this great big CS-80 that would sound so rich that everybody who recorded there would want to play it. We used it as an 'orchestra' until the E-IIs came out. I never forgot 'that sound'.

    This Arturia thing is like a half-remembered dream of what it might have sounded like.

    As for capturing the sounds of a certain greek synth artist who made this synth his favorite...forget it . I've tried but 'it ain't a gonna happen' given that this is just a CS-80 wanna be.

    And Hans Zimmer buys eveything anyway no matter what...

    Sorry to step on anyone's fantasy

    I've just been wanting to say this here for a long time.

    This is among my final posts at NS for...I don't know how long..a while.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    Will someone please explain why "the Greek guy" seems to be censored here???

    BTW when I think CS-80 I always think Eddie Jobson.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    It's because his name is the same as that of a sample forum that is not to be named here.

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    Since Arturia has gone to such great pains to reproduce some of the idiosyncracies of the minimoog with their v1.5 update (I've heard it and it's a stunner - and a more efficient stunner at that) I'd imagine that they will continue to refine all of their emulations. The CS-80V has already had two updates that included bug fixes, enhancements, and the odd parameter tweak that takes their oscillators and filters a step closer. Their latest updates to TAE (True Analog Emulation) is a giant leap forward. I'm looking forward to seeing how they use that to take each emulation further into their own direction, and add to their distinction.
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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    I tried the demo once and it's sucked all the blood out of my PC. Boy, what a hungry guest that was! No table manners! Naturally, I showed him the door!

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    Talking Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    v~~~~~~~. Hmm, I thought it was van halen.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    Hmm. I've got this synth and it rarely ever uses more than 20% CPU. It may not be an exact replica of the real thing but it sure gives the flavor.

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    Re: Arturia CS-80v = WOW

    Wow, you guys are vicious lol. I think it's a nice soft synth, even though it's not exact and I'll definately be getting alot of use out of it. It certainly doesn't take up that much memory in my case either, I had 4 instances running yestruday with no problem.


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