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Topic: Machfive v Kontakt?

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    Re: Machfive v Kontakt?

    You would be out of luck on the Kontakt/Kompakt player stuff. I doubt that would import into Mach Five.

    There are some things that they did right, which no one else really did. It's not on the same level as GigaStudio 3 or Kontakt 2 in terms of overall maturity. It sounds like Kontakt is the logical choice for you.

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    Re: Machfive v Kontakt?

    I agree with Bruce. I always thought the Mach 5 was a sampler to be added on to Digital Performer primarily. So I always thought of it in the same class as the sampler that ships with Logic.

    Where as GS3 and Kontakt are standalone monsters.

    Mostly my opinion though.


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    Re: Machfive v Kontakt?

    Yeah, pretty sure Mach5 is Mac only, sorry meant to reply to your email!
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    Re: Machfive v Kontakt?

    Quote Originally Posted by cand
    Oh, I run cubase SX 2 on a dual 3G Xeon, with 2G RAM with Windows XP pro.
    How is the performance of Cubase SX2 on a dual 3G Xeon? You're one of the few people I know with this setup.

    FYI, Mach5 is also on the PC.
    Peter L. Alexander
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    Re: Machfive v Kontakt?

    Quote Originally Posted by peter269
    How is the performance of Cubase SX2 on a dual 3G Xeon?
    It rocks.

    My average composition is spread out over 4 computers with track counts over 100 (Ive never actually counted). On average I use one convolution verb, left on all the time but Ive used up to 4 with delays, eqs, and other things going on.

    Highest CPU count Ive ever had is 50%

    I still get the very occassional software glitch but he computer itself is absolutely rock-solid. Does its job day in, day out, and does it easy.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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