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Topic: Disappering .gigs!!!

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    Disappering .gigs!!!

    OK....thus far...i've had few problems with GS3....today however, gigastudio decided it didnt want to display my .gigs. Ive run the quicksound rebuild option twenty times now...It shows all my gigs when its rebuilding...but then in the file display...all the folders are there...but NO .GIGS!!!

    Anyone had similar issues...and would be kind enough to offer a solution?



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    Re: Disappering .gigs!!!

    Gotta ask the obvious thing- you don't have a filter set that's hiding them do you??

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    Re: Disappering .gigs!!!

    not sure what it was....but....on restart of computer....and rebuilding AGAIN....they're back...really weird.

    thanks for taking the time fred!


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    Re: Disappering .gigs!!!

    Hope it stays healthy!! That's an odd one...

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    Re: Disappering .gigs!!!

    Another obvious possibility is the search window display. If it doesn't say *gig then it will not display files correctly (only searched for files.) Also you can right click on the display of files (center window of loader pane) and change the view ( change to list for best display.

    Just in case you didn't know.

    Dave Connor

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