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Topic: GPO ambience

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    GPO ambience

    quick question, about the ambience reverb pluging in GPO, Im using nuendo in PC, just wanted to ask the people who use regularly the Ambience in their projects, how do u go about deciding how much reverb to apply and to what, and whats your favourite preset, concert hall 1, any other? basically trying to learn by asking you how do you use the ambience plugin, how much reverb to apply to each instrument or instrument group, do u give different amount to each instrument individually? or by instrument sections? and what present do u prefer? when you are composing do you compose having the ambience activated or deactivated or you compose without it and just activate it to preview the results from time to time,
    Ive used the great cubase-nuendo-template provided here and so I have the ambience set up in nuendo so that I can change individually the amount of reverb for each instrument

    just want to tell u another thing that happened to me in case it happened to somebody else, Im doing a big project with a big orchesthra, I have a PC with 2 Gb of ram, pentium 4 at 3.2 ghz, and after loading all the samples , I have about 500 mb free of ram, so u can see its about 1.3 gb of ram Im using in samples, Im using PC and nuendo 2, so I started this big project and everything was going perfect, after I had done about 45 seconds I noticed that then from time to time each time I was recording or moving things the whole computer would freeze and I would have to reboot it completely, this was disaster of course, after much experimenting I think i found the reason, I have been composing with the ambience activated in all channels , so I deactivated it and now I activate it only to do previews from time to time and the problem hasnt happened again ; however the CPU usage of the computer never reaches any dangerous level even with the ambience always on, so I just want to say that I had that problem, with a huge orchesthra and the ambience always on and after doing 45 secs of the project, the thing just started getting crazy and hanging up, however I sorted it out by not having the ambience always active while Im recording stuff and only activating it while playing previews ; I wonder what was the reason for that problem , I guess simply that Im having a big setup which puts a lot of pressure on the system maybe

    thanks loads for any help

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    Re: GPO ambience

    Well, I'm not using your setup, but I like ballroom 2.


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