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Topic: Best CP-50/70 samples

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    Best CP-70/80 samples

    Hi fellas,

    I've already seen lots of libraries and virtual instruments out there that brilliantly emulate a Rhodes, a Wurlitzer or a Steinway. But does anybody know what the best Yamaha CP-70 or CP-80 emulation is?

    You know, the 'Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) piano sound



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    Re: Best CP-50/70 samples

    I don’t know of any emulations but there’s a CP-80 sample set from www.prominy.com and www.hollowsun.com have announced a CP-70 library that should be out soon. There’s actually an mp3 demo featuring a Keane intro at the Hollowsun website:



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    Re: Best CP-50/70 samples

    EWQL Collossus has an amazing 1 gigabyte CP-80.

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    Smile Re: Best CP-50/70 samples

    Hello tommy,

    (and Yoss, thank you for mentioning our ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80.)

    The PCP-80 (awarded 5/5 stars - Sound on Sound magazine) includes;

    (The current version of PCP-80 consists of 2 DVD cases)

    --- The black case (the original package of PCP-80)

    96kHz/24bit instruments (HALion, Kontakt, EXS Format)
    44kHz/24bit instruments (HALion, Kontakt, EXS Format)
    44kHz/16bit instruments (Giga2.0 Format)

    --- The gray case (additional discs for GS3 instruments)

    44kHz/16bit instruments (Giga2.0 Format)
    44kHz/24bit instruments (Giga3.0 Format)

    96kHz/24bit instruments (Giga3.0 Format)

    Here is the link for the SOS review.

    ELECTRIC GRAND PCP-80 product page

    Thank you.

    Akihito Okawa

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