My DAW I built is currently out of commision since I opted to use the Evercool
wc-201 "watercooler"..which as it turns out, needs a fresh pump about every 100 hours or so.
So I am using my older DAW, as backup, and which seems to be far more stable than my "monster" pc DAW I built and chose the incorrect cooling solution as my biggest learning experience/mistake.
I apologize for giving so much redundant info but I can't seem to help it.

Anyway I do plan to use both pc's when I can afford another monitor to then have two completely independent pc's or DAW's
I have only one monitor I "share" between the two
But myMouse is static noisy
I replaced the wireless usb mouse with a non usb wired mouse and that helped but still I got mouse movements causeing static I can hear in my music application.
Perhaps I gave all that data because my AArdvark sound card in the new system never had a problem with nisy mouse wireless or not, usb or not.
The soundcard in my older system is TascamUS224 which is also a good soundcard and does have some features that my twicw-as costly Aard doesn't, that I do like, and I do plan to eventually learn how the best way to unite the two in my best way possible.
But first I hope I can eradicate this static caused by the use of my mouse while my audio is playing.
It seldom makes its way into my recorde audio, but the distraction is horrible
I know i must not be the only one who has had this problem. unless the optical characteristics of an optical mouse could be my culprit, I have no clue as to what could be causing my mouse movements to cause static noises audible in my audio
Are "optical" mice notoriously noisy?