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Topic: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

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    K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    erm...yes, I'm still imressed with K2...BUT:

    am I even less technically able than I seem or:

    1 - is there something going on with the multiple outs...such as, once figured out, THEY STILL DON"T COME OUT OF THE RIGHT OUTS (In Logic7)

    2 - THe multiple out tracks - as well as the main ones, in fact - on Logic 7 don't really seem to read Automation at times.

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    Re: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    Did you figure it out. As a fellow Logic user thinking of upgrading to K2, I'm wondering how/if you solved your problem.

    Also, if you dont mind I'd like to ask you some questions. I'm hearing from some that K2 uses much more processing power, but I've also heard that K2 uses LESS processing power than K1.5 when playing K1.5 samples (e.g. EastWest stuff). Can anyone verify this statement? When using K2, do you open new K2's for each sample? How many instruments can you run in K2 and logic?

    Thanks in advance! Sorry I couldnt help you with your problem (I hope its non-existant now!)

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    Re: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    Hey Jon,

    Well, CPU-wise, it's simple enough: K2 is MUCH better.
    As a result, playing EWQL libs or anything else is much more fluid, smooth and stable than K1+.

    When you mention instances of K2, it gets even better than K1 for several reasons.

    In fact, you are supposed to maximise by using 1 (or 2 if really you have to) instances of K2 and use it in "multi-outs" (which also enables you to trigger instruments individually through their individual separate midi channels.

    Of course, K1 was also supposed to do this, but it had so much CPU problems that it became sometimes easier - at least more stable - to use one instance of the whole plug-in for each midi channel.
    No more.

    Today I had one little problem with multi outs, and that was when I opened 2 Battery kits in K2...the outs I assigned to the 2 kits (each one being its own instrument) would not be recognised by the respective instruments and a quick closing-reopening of K2 as plugin resolvedone of them.
    I think there's basically a small bug to be fixed there.
    But I emailed the L7 song file to NI, and they'll be aware of it.

    It's a great sampler.

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    Re: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    Thanks for the great news! I'm looking forward to updating, and now will do so within the month. In the mean time, How is the documentation? Is it pretty easy to get it working with Logic? Are there any online sources to make the transition easier? (just curious).

    Thanks again for the wonderful information! Take care, and best of luck.

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    Couple questions Kontakt in logic -

    - this is interesting, because if people are getting Kontakt to use EW libraries, they aren't using the plug in that comes with the libs.

    So Kontakt is better in Logic for EW ?

    I don't own any of these, but would like to.

    And, i'd love to know what EW sounds are bundled with K2. Thinking that if there is an actual usable set, I can put off buying EW, but aren't bundled sounds a promo to get people to buy the product ?
    I did leave a message with Steinberg Canada, but didn't hear back yet, and sent an email to the Steinberg info email from their site but it bounced back as a wrong address.

    Many thanks !

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    Re: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    Hello 3Catnip.

    In regards to your post, the reason I use the full kontakt player for my eastwest samples instead of the bundled kompakt player is due to editing abilities. You cannot use editing functions in the free kompakt player that comes with EW samples, thus I purchased the full Kontakt for the ability to create my own custom samples, keymaps, etc. According to NI, (before the update at least) both players had the same engines, so EW samples sound the same through both players. The only difference is the ability to edit, add effects, etc, and since I use multiple midi input devices (wind sythn, V-drums, keyboard, etc) I need the flexibility.


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    Re: K2 multiple outs+Logic automation fishy?

    There are no EW sounds with K2 that I am aware of. As far as "name libs", the K2 lib includes only some VSL as part of its sounds.

    In addition to the editing/fx consideration mentioned by others as reasons to use K2 instead of Kompakt for EW sounds, I find it impossible now not to be able to get some midiCC control...

    K2's very good.

    You can get both, look for some group buys for the EW if necessary...


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