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Topic: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

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    Thumbs down LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    ... it´s hard to deal with the "dead pixels" issue.
    I can´t figure out how are we supposed to accept that some pixels (up to 7 dead pixels is considered "normal") will never work, and worse, no way to fix it... too bad, because the image is great, and the size the monitor is even better.

    Is there any company that ensures 100% dead pixel free monitors today???

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    Companies claim that it is a very rare event that a pixel is not working properly. Then you'd think that it would not be any problem to have a zero pixel polixy, would it?

    The pixel policies differ depending on maker, model, size and country. There is ISO recommendations (e.g. ISO 13406-2) that some companies adhere to. I've also seen policies which allow for up to 17 (!) pixel errors. Here in Sweden, LG introduced this year a "zero bright pixel fault warrenty" for some of their models. I have a Samsung LCD screen which had 1 faulty pixel when I unpacked it. I was not allowed to replace the screen, but luckily, the faulty pixel was not in the center, so I can live with it.

    One thing we can do, as consumers, is of course to check the pixel policy BEFORE we buy any LCD screen, and buy only from companies having the best policies.


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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    Me too! I just bought one yesterday, and the monitor had 3 bad pixels in the screen... a horrible appearance. So I asked the sales man to replace my monitor and he did. The second monitor also had bad pixels!!! Then I asked him to replace it AGAIN, and he did it, but... the third one had a small dead pixel, but this one wasn´t so bad, so I took the third.

    3 monitors in a row with bad pixels? Samsung can´t be serious about it...

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    That's why I purchased a ViewSonic. Many of the reviews I read (at least 50 of them) mentioned about the Samsung's having bad pixels out of the box whereas the Viewsonics didn't have this issue.

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    A friend of mine bought an LG monitor, and it was perfect too. I guess I didn´t make the best choice then.

    Better luck next time

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    I have a benQ monitor and I haven't noticed anything. If you've got dead pixels can you see them? or is there a 'performance page' or 'report' offered by the screen's menu system?

    Or have you got FREAK eyes???
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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    You'd see them if they were there.

    I have two monitors, and one of them has one. It's only noticeable when the background is solid grey, like when the machine starts up, and even then who cares.

    Seven would be another story. I wouldn't buy a monitor with that many.

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    Same deal with laptops and dead pixels.. different companies have different return/warranty policies for screens with dead pixels.. very important to check this when shopping.

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    Re: LCD Monitor rocks, but...

    I work for a company that makes LC-TVs. I have yet to see an LC-TV with a dead pixel. (Not to say that they don't exist.) That may be one of the reasons that LC-TVs cost more than LC PC Monitors.

    Some of the LC-TVs have VGA and DVI inputs. Most of the 4x3 TVs are XGA (1024 x 768), and most widescreens are WXGA (1280 x 768). The 1080p sets are 1920 x 1080.

    They aren't cheap, but buying a PC-compatible LC-TV is one way of avoiding dead pixels. Ask the store or call the manufacturer about their dead pixel policy on LC-TVs before you buy, though.


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