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Topic: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

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    EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    This Free update for Native instruments Kontakt 2 users adds Sympathetic Resonance and Convolution-based body resonance. The update is 5 MB and contains new body resonance IR's. There is a pdf manual on-line explaining how to adjust these new options in Kontakt 2.
    The update is in the update section of www.postpiano.com.
    Read the update details here: Update Notes

    All new EMPEROR disks in Kontakt version will ship with hybrid Kontakt 2 and Kontakt 1.53 patches. The EMPEOR is available in our on-line store for $ 145, including free worldwide shipping. The EMPEROR and OLD LADY can be purchased with $45 discount as the GOLD BUNDLE.

    A few notes:
    • IR's: The initial patch comes with a 2.6 sec body resonance IR wavefile. This is rather short but is less CPU intensive than the 6 and 8 seconds IR's also contained in the update. You can drag and drop the IR's in the convolution window to audition them. Lowering the sample rate in the convolution edit screen can help prevent CPU spikes. Detailed instructions on how to set levels and how to adjust the overall sound of the resonance are included in the pdf manual.
    • CPU: K2, when using the convolution engine can be CPU intensive. The EMPEROR multi only uses pedal up samples to prevent CPU/RAM problems. If CPU spikes occur you have to make sure you have optimal DFD settings, enough available RAM and you may consider lowering the sample rate of the IR to give your system more overhead. And latency can be made ad high as you want with the body resonance; it will not degrade the quality of the effect, which in real life also fades in over time.
    • HARMONICS: The samples for the Harmonics nki are all EMPEROR-specific samples. If you want to use the Harmonics patch on other piano libraries we recommend using the Kontakt Library instrument patch with our Steinway D from the Kontakt 2 Library installation DVD's instead, since it uses less samples and can help prevent RAM problems. The script we used is to generate the harmonics is the Kontakt 2 script that is on the K2 installation DVD. It was written by Xavier Bidault and Niki Martini, and was partly based on the brilliant ideas of Olivier Bidault.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    These patches are wonderful. The emperor's new clothes suit him very well. He's singing like never before.

    Like you suggested in your e-mail: exporting the wave pool from GS3 editor and importing it into Kontakt worked perfectly. Just had to manually specify some wave locations and then it worked perfectly.

    I really hate NI, but it's hard to fault Kontakt2 if they can provide tools that allow for these kinds of patches...

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    So I presume the next update will be for the Boesendorfer 290 .........Yummie........

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    right on! See other post
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    Michiel, if you don't know already, your website is down and has been for several hours.

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    Michiel, if you don't know already, your website is down and has been for several hours.
    Maybe your IP has problems connceting to my servers, but www.postpiano.com has been up since 58 days (a new record) without interruptions.
    Best regards,
    Michiel Post

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    That's strange. Still problems with your site and only your site...

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    Re: EMPEROR KONTAKT 2 update released

    Works great here.

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