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Topic: Kontakt and Gigastudio Query

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    Kontakt and Gigastudio Query

    Are any or all of the bundled samples that come with the new version of Kontakt 24 bit? In particular, are the Vienna Symphonic Library samples 24 bit samples?

    What about the new version of Gigastudio? Are the VSL samples that come with it 24 bit? Any other samples 24 bit?


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    Re: Kontakt and Gigastudio Query

    The VSL samples with GS 3 are 24 bit, except for a few looped 16 bit ones. To be honest, I haven't checked on the samples with K2 yet. Personally, I'd rather live with 16 bit than have the 24 bit files eating up more RAM and CPU time in really big mixdowns, which is prone to be the case when VSL is being employed.


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    Re: Kontakt and Gigastudio Query

    Just looked the Kontakt2 version and all the ones I checked were 16bit

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    Re: Kontakt and Gigastudio Query

    Thanks for the info.


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