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Topic: Multis + controller questions

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    Multis + controller questions

    1- Am I right in thinking that some of the assigned outputs are not ending up where they're meant to?

    2- Although I have found what I believe to be the way to assign controllers to functions (by dragging the controller number from the browser to the desired knob or control on the interface), There is one set up I can't seem to be getting:

    I'm trying to set up several instruments within a "multi" to individually respond to separate volume automation.(Logic7, but I'm sure that's unimportant)
    So I tried a number of things, but it would seem that the way might be to assign a controller number to each individual instrument's volume.

    However, aside from seeing no effect from this set up, after dragging and dropping two controllers as volumes of two instruments, when attempting to add a third one, it stubbornly shows its name swith to "pan" in the browser and refuses to become another volume (eventough the first two were happy to "show" the volume title in the browser, their effect is yet to be working)

    Looking forward to knowing what I'm doing wrong!

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    Re: Multis + controller questions


    using Logic's midiCC+'s into assigned Kontakt's 1+ or 2+ midiCCs works perfectly.


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