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Topic: Sony's new version of Vegas

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    Thumbs up Sony's new version of Vegas

    Hey folks - I know there's been a lot of discussion of media development apps that are only tangentially related to sample libraries, but are of keen intersest to many who read these forums. For those of you that are involved in production of film and video (as well as music for those media) there's an announcement from Sony for Vegas 6, which boasts some important feature enhancements that will make interfacing with other applications more seamless.
    Sony Media Software has announced the release of version 6.0 of Vegas, its nonlinear video and audio editing system, and version 3.0 of its DVD Architect authoring program. These two applications form the core of the new Vegas+DVD Production Suite, specifically upgraded for HDV, which also includes a Dolby Digital AC-3 multi-channel encoder for 5.1 surround output. Both products retain the same progressive editing interfaces as their predecessors, but offer many technological advances that cater to production professionals involved with independent films, documentaries, corporate and professional event videography, as well as feature and broadcast productions.

    New features in Vegas 6 software include:

    * Comprehensive HDV support optimized for the new Sony HVR-Z1U and HDR-FX1 cameras and the HVR-M1OU HDV VTR deck.
    * SD/HD SDI capture, editing and export using Blackmagic Design DeckLink boards.
    * Enhanced multi-processor support resulting in faster renders.
    * Superior frame rate conversions (i.e. 1080i to 720-24p and 1080-24p WMV HD).
    * Next-generation DVI/VGA external monitoring tools.
    * Project nesting.
    * AAF import/export.
    * System-wide media asset management.
    * VST audio effect support.
    * Broadcast WAV (BWF) import and arrange.
    * Playhead timeline scrubbing.
    * Editing enhancements.

    DVD Architect 3 software now offers:

    * Support for dual-layer authoring and burning.
    * Mastering to DLT, DDP, CMF.
    * CSS and Macrovision encryption tools.
    * Adobe PhotoShop software (PSD) layer support.
    * Multi-angle selection.
    * Project playlists.
    * Theme export.
    * Jacket Picture creation.
    * Smart-project re-prepare.
    * Media FX application.

    Additionally, the Vegas+DVD Production Suite comes with three pieces of free bonus software: Boris Grafitti Ltd; Boris FX Ltd. For Vegas – featuring a professional-grade chroma-keyer and motion stabilizer; and Magic Bullet Movie Looks HD50, an enhanced version of the Movie Looks program that previously shipped with the suite. The new version supports HD resolutions, and provides 50 different presets that mimic popular television and movie looks.

    The Sony Vegas+DVD Production Suite is available worldwide now with a suggested retail price of US$899.95. Vegas 6 is also available separately for a suggested retail price of US$599.95.
    I'm particularly excited about the potential to send AAF sessions back and forth with Vegas directly with Nuendo, instead of having to do intermediate handling with EDL Convert. This should make a lot of the day-in-day-out chores of rendering demo clips and approval sequences, as well as handling post sound processes that are outside of the "normal" scope of composition that I have to do from time to time. This is a great time to be alive.
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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    The update will undoubtedly be excellent. I love that app....
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    Now if there is a way to get full Digi002 control inside of Vegas it would be pure audio bliss!


    BTW: Sup H3?
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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    * Support for dual-layer authoring and burning.
    * VST audio effect support.

    * Playhead timeline scrubbing.
    That's what I was waiting for. I passed on the Vegas+DVD 4 to 5 upgrade, but I might grab this one...

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    Thumbs up Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    Quote Originally Posted by Bela D Media
    Now if there is a way to get full Digi002 control inside of Vegas it would be pure audio bliss!


    BTW: Sup H3?
    I use Vegas in conjunction with my TASCAM FW-1884 in Mackie Control mode. It works really well except it's irritating to have the main fader only control the L and R of a surround mix - hope they fixed that in v6 (maybe they already did in their latest rev of v5 - dunno). Shouldn't your 002 support Mackie mode? [shrugs]

    As far as what's up, I just got an approval video of some excerpts from a majoy documentary project that I added some music to - and used DIVA in the mix. As soon as it goes live and gets final approval from the filmmakers and studio, I'll be posting some announcements here and on my site. Great stuff... [H3 shows two thumbs up]

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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    Videoguys.com is offering it for $399, or $599 with $50 rebate for the combo. I ordered yesterday - cool deal... (Ifixed the price typo, sorry 'bout dat...)
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    Does anyone know, if Soundforge 8 supports multiprocessor too?
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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    I bought Vegas last year after Bruce R kept flying a flag for it. Easy and quick-to-use software that goes deep; best purchase 2004!. I'm in for the upgrade.

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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    I was on their forums last night (touchy bunch, reminds me off a lot of other places I frequent ) and they have a coupon code that knocks $50 off of the upgrade price through May 31.

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    Re: Sony's new version of Vegas

    Another thumbs-up for Vegas here as well

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