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Topic: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

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    Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

    Hi everyone,

    Last week I had the opportunity to meet Sam Adler, the author of one of the music textbooks that has greatly influenced me.

    The Adler book has been so valuable to me and I have used it so much that about 3 years ago I had to order a new copy because i had read mine into oblivion. Its a marvelous text that has an accompanying CD and CD ROM so you can hear and see all the examples in the book.

    Last week, when Gary was visiting New York, he invited me to meet Sam Adler. So often our heros in life are those stars of the publics vision. But, for me, this man and his book were so greatly influencial in my developement as a composer and orchestrator that he holds the reins of one of my great music heros even though I think i have seen his picture only once on a website somewhere.

    Sam invited Gary and I to dinner and then we all headed back to his office at the Julliard School to chat and take a listen to an exciting new composition of his. For me, it was a great and exciting evening. Sam was a terrific host and it was a wonderful honor to meet him.

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    Re: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler


    That certainly was a wonderful visit. Talk about being in the presence of a musical giant. It was a fascinating experience hearing his new work and reviewing his score while listening.

    It was also very gracious of Dr. Adler to listen and review the score of GPO Competition winner Richard Birdsall's "Knight's in Magic".

    Dr. Adler has an extraordinary musician and educator. You can read more about him here - http://www.presser.com/Composers/inf...me=SAMUELADLER

    Left to Right: Dr. Sam Adler, Andy Brick, Thomas Frost and Gary G.

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    Re: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

    You lucky guys! And look at that fine dining! I'm too picky of an eater to eat at one of those fancy places Still, I'm sure meetings with such people always seem too brief.
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    Thumbs up Re: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

    What's that you say Mr. Stewart, "Some guys have all the luck"?

    Andy, now I have to go and pick up a copy.

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    Re: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

    Man, sounds like an experience. Probably too short, I'd want to ask him all shorts of questions, I'd probably ruin dinner . It seem more like an interview than a nice friendly dinner. And Styxx, you really should pick up a copy of his book and the accompanying CDs. They are truly a great and amazing resource.

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    Re: Visit with Dr. Samuel Adler

    That reminds me of when I got to meet Karel Husa when he was guest conductor at Western KY University. He conduct a piece he wrote for Percussion and Symphonic Band.
    I am a little jealous of your meeting Dr. Adler. I wouldn't mind picking his braing for a couple hours considering how much I still learn just having drinks with my former composition professor!
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