I wonder if those who use the RMX with Logic 5.5.1/PC (or anyone else) has
similar kind of problem with the Track Automation as I do.

It seems that the RMX doesn't follow the automation. Stylus Classics
didn't have any problem but now it seems that (maybe) the multitimbral
feature of the RMX has caused this trouble (OR something in my settings).

I've done all the advised multi-instrument settings to my Logic and everything
otherwise seems to work OK but the the RMS does not follow the track automation. E.g. in RMX Multi -mode, midi files in one or more tracks, the RMX doesn't care of volume change made in the track automation. Also the Logic sequencer (in the left side) standard volume and pan
controls don't work properly: e.g. the volume of the track will change if the track is active, but the volume will go back to the original as soon as one has moved from the track.

Logically: what could be wrong and how to get things solved?