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Topic: Hot news from NAB

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    Hot news from NAB

    I'm at NAB this week, as is Tascam. There is interesting news afoot...

    GS3.1 development is in its final stages. And guess what? We will get some new features!

    * There are some new iMIDI rules. This is killer. Rather than us writing convoluted scripts, Tascam is coming up with new ideas and getting new ideas from library developers. A few of the better ideas will make it into GS3.1.

    * At least a couple of developers will soon release libs that use the new features in 3.1. (Don't ask. I'm not going to steal their thunder.) Both will be significant.

    * Stacking instruments is cool in GS3, and downright bitchen in GS3.1. I'm not 100% solid on exactly what we will be able to do, but here are some highlights:

    - We will be able to keyswitch between instruments in a stack, so if you don't care for the keyswitch options from the developer, we will be able to easily map our own keyswitches, and save it as a GSI. We can then load multiple GSIs and save the result as GSPs. We're talking templates within templates.

    - We can also do splits on stacked instruments, and remap keys. This is killer for live. I've done four channel splits on my keyboard for live. Now I can do splits on a single channel in Giga.

    - We will also be able to map different instruments in a stack to different velocities. One example is to use a dark piano for quiet sounds, and a bright or electric piano for loud sounds. This is another cool thing for live situations. Play quietly with one sound and hammer for another. It gives different instruments without taking your hands from the keys.

    * One soon-to-be-released lib will do a bit of what Bruce has been talking about with separating the raw sound from the body resonance. The body will be generated with GigaPulse, and multiple body impulses will be included in the package. The coolest part is that vibrato with the LFO sounds real (or at least way more real than the usual LFO thing). Portamento should also sound great, though I didn't get to hear it.

    * At least one of the new iMIDI rules was related to monophonic/legato. I'm not sure about the details, but it seems that there are more ways to skin the legato cat than the VSL way. I know lots of people here want more legato options, so this has the potential to be very cool.

    The developers are taking their time to do this release right, so they didn't give a delivery date for 3.1. They've got a new bug tracking system that has been working well for them, so I expect 3.1 to be solid. The Giga people I spoke with are visibly excited about the new prospects.

    We spoke about other stuff, but this is all I'm gonna post, except to clarify the above. I didn't sign an NDA or anything, but, hey, I've got my honor to consider!

    Oh yeah, there are some bug fixes in there too. Given that 3.04 is so solid, these are minor refinements.

    That's the news from NAB!


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    Bring it on! Thanks for the deets!


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    Did they mentioned one feature which was promised already for the 3.0 version.

    Include mapped network drive into the Quicksound database. We have all our GigaStudios connected to a server via Gigabit Ethernet and I'm waiting soooo long for that feature to e included.

    Any info?


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    Re: Hot news from NAB


    I'll stop by the booth tomorrow and ask about mapped drives. I hadn't considered mapped drives, but with 1000Base-T it might be viable.


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    Any mention of Gigapulse VST? This is long overdue in my book :>(


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    Thanks for the great info, Jon!

    With all this new IMIDI rules, instrument stacking and keyswitching, Tascam must have increased the number of allowed dimensions.
    Can you ask if this is so?

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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    my first question would be:

    what about the 64 bit version???

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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    thank you Jon!


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    GigaPulse VST is also soon to ship. Again, no firm date was given. My guess is that it will be shortly after GS3.1. For the update, they just need to put the code on the website. For GP-VST, they need to go outside for packaging.

    More dimensions? I'll ask. I would guess that we get "nested" dimensions. The instrument dimension limit likely won't change, but we can add additional dimensions at the stack layer. My guess is that we will be able to do hard switches on the stack, but no crossfades or layers. The reason is simple. For a hard switch you choose one sample or another. For a mix, you need everything playing simultaneously. I wish Giga gave an unlimited number of "switched" dimensions, and only limited the number of "mixed" dimensions.

    64 bits? Not for GS3. Pete did say that he's looking forward to 64-bits as it will bypass the current RAM limitations. They're certainly taking 64-bits seriously, but it's too early to know when such a beast will hit the streets.


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    Re: Hot news from NAB

    GigaPulse VST is also soon to ship.
    Soooooon ....
    My guess is that it will be shortly after GS3.1.
    .... and GS 3.0 wasn't long in comming, remember?

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