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Topic: Ya missed me?

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    Ya missed me?

    I've been so busy working on some top secret stuff that I've completely neglected you guys and I'm sure this place is worse off for me not posting so much lately.

    I've been here, just reading though. Haven't had much time to post anything. Hopefully you guys will forgive me.

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    I've been wondering where you have been. You certainly were missed. This place has is certain none the better for you absence. Forgiven? I don't know. It's almost inexcusable

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    Ah, see now I feel bad. I guess I'll just have to post like a madman this weekend to make up for it.

    Garritan Demo Page, here I come.

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    Ern!!! Which reminds me, I need to listen to that song you posted. Note to self, apply to forhead, try not to forget.

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    I've been kind of MIA myself...health, and lotsa work

    Nice to see you JB . Something is bothering me though...your picture. I mean, I can sure identify with the "deer in the headlights" look, but I don't picture you that way. You are a Superhero dangblammit!

    "So what if some parts of life are a crap shoot? Get out there and shoot the crap." -- Neil Peart
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    Re: Ya missed me?

    Yeah, maybe its time I freshen up a bit.

    Hey, you and I should talk soon there's a lot going on.

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    My heavens! Thank God! He *IS* alive... lol.

    I've cut my teeth through some tough spots as a newcomer to the GPO on your posts, Joe... good to hear your presence won't be quite so sparse.

    If you tell us about the Top Secret Stuff, will you have to shoot us?


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    Re: Ya missed me?

    Ah you know how top secret stuff goes. A little of this, a little of that, some memory wiping here, some destruction of evidence there, self destructing messages sent under cover of night. Same old, same old really.

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    Re: Ya missed me?

    If you reveal the Top Secret, I'll let you in my secret club!

    Does that 7-year old reasoning still work?
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: Ya missed me?

    Not sure, but your signature reminds me of the Far Side comics. You read it, then it takes a few seconds before you realize why its so funny.

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