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Topic: Key switch????

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    Key switch????

    Still confused on some aplications of this. I understand the keyswitch for the strings KS combo group Pizzacattos and stuff but was wondering about the trumpet and horn overlays. Is there a way you can key switch those? There is a climactic part in my piece that can use the brass overlays. I'm not sure how to switch out of the overlays as i dont want that "sound" in some other parts of the piece where I use brass. The only way I know is to switch the patch in the track windows that I know of but that reflects the entire piece. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Key switch????

    What sequencer are you using? If you're using SONAR, I can give you a couple of ideas...

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    Re: Key switch????

    I find that I get the best results doing a fade out of the normal trumpet patch and a fade in on the overlay patch. You can't do this with keyswitches. I suggest just having two tracks. Unless your brass isn't doing a surging crecendo into the climax.

    Hope this helps,

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