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Topic: It's Prokofiev's Birthday!

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    It's Prokofiev's Birthday!

    On April 23, 1891, Sergei Prokofiev was born.

    In honor of his birthday I present to you Karl and Joanni Garrett's rendition of "Peter and the Wolf"


    Enjoy and party all night to celebrate Prokifiev's birthday!

    And thanks again Karl and Joanni for sharing this!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: It's Prokofiev's Birthday!

    Well, Happy Birthday Serge, and thanks Gary for unknowingly giving me the opportunity to shamelessly plug the CD which, barring any unforeseen difficulties, should be released about this time next month. This will include a little more music by yours truly, and will be showcased in a nice 6-page digipak case with art capturing the essence of the story of Peter and the Wolf. The pictures were drawn by Chan Calahan (yes, that’s with one l).

    Here is the cover design as it stands now, done by Laura Ladendorf. She is a superb graphic designer. I don't have all her fonts, so the text shown is not really accurate, and we need track times and a few other fixes. I just wanted to share our excitement with you all, since it is Joani’s and my first venture together. We are planning other children’s stories to present with musical format in the future as well.


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    Re: It's Prokofiev's Birthday!

    Happy birthday Serge,
    and a lot of congratulations Karl!!!!
    It is simply lovely to see what you are doing. Music is really a great tool for learning something new (overall for a children).
    Best of luck Karl!!!

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    Re: It's Prokofiev's Birthday!

    Karl, it is really cool to watch this project blossom.

    I don't think any of us will ever truly know ALL the impact that your Peter and the Wolf will have on todays society.


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