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Topic: Night Music

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    Night Music

    Hi All

    A little light and relaxing piece I wrote for the GPO piano. This is played live and recorded into Cubase. I added a violin on top.


    I hope you like it and thanks for listening.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Night Music

    The first four notes of the melody are the same ones I am using in a piece I've been working on (though the durations are different), so don't be surprised to hear them again!

    The piano sounds absolutely great, just beautiful. The violin blends perfectly (and the dynamics are splendid). Fantastic work! It is very relaxing (and I'm trying to stay up all night to get my sleeping schedule on track again). If anything, this piece is simply too short! I love it!
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    Re: Night Music

    so this is what the GPO piano sounds like when playing directly from the keys...simply fantastic! this is a very nice, chill piece...some of the counter lines on violin toward the end could be a little bit stronger, but the overall effect is felt...good stuff!

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    Thumbs up Re: Night Music

    Beautiful piece Louis!!!!
    Did you have play the piano directly or wrote a sheet?
    The piece is very well done, perfectly balanced with so sweet melody.
    Also I think that GPO piano is really beautiful even compared with piano come from other libraries.
    Looking forward to hear more of your music,

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    Re: Night Music

    Thanks for the kind comments from everyone and thanks for listening.

    Quote Originally Posted by beach
    Did you have play the piano directly or wrote a sheet?
    I really just improvised this piece, and didn't write down anything.

    Kind regards.


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    Re: Night Music

    Wow... that piano sounds absolutely great, Louis! It's got me near fooled, and I've been playing one for closing on fifty years.

    Technicals aside, improvisation is becoming something of a lost art outside the jazz realm [that oughta draw some flack] -- but this is a truly lovely nocturne... I listened to this several times.

    Well done.


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    Re: Night Music

    Hi LouisD,

    This is very nice...I could go to sleep listening to this (in this case, thats a compliment ).

    Well done,


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    Re: Night Music

    Thanks David and Richard for your comments. My music is really simple compared to some of the awe inspiring compositions posted around here, but it's really very encouraging to know that there are people out there who actually listened and liked it. If I didn't post it here, only my dear wife and my dear mother would be my audience, and they're pretty biased .

    Thanks a lot.

    Kind Regards


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    Re: Night Music

    Quote Originally Posted by LouisD
    My music is really simple compared to... etc.
    Louis, there is no inherent virtue in complexity. Simple is often what many of us are most valiantly striving for; but it too frequently gets lost in an excess of technical expertise.

    Indeed, one of my own practices when I finish a first draft of a piece is to go back and remove as many notes as I possibly can, whilst still sustaining the musicality and sense of the work.


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    Re: Night Music

    I enjoyed this one a lot. It felt very natural and unforced, that kind of effortless feel we are all looking to achieve. I agree with David about the simplicity being a plus.

    Anything you write, if it doesn't stand up with the simplest arrangement, if stands little chance when subjected to a vast one. Although I'm an awful pianist, I am trying to make sure everything I produce works that way first before any big treatment.

    Great stuff, do not hesitate to post some more!


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