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Topic: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

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    Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

    Can someone direct me to a chart that gives a graphical presentation of Instruments, their note ranges and the corresponding frequencies.

    Similarly, as part of this, I would like a piano keyboard chart with frequencies.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

    Not precisely what you want, but VSL have some instrumental range charts (no keyboard or frequencies).


    If that woodwind chart works for you, the charts for other instrumental groups can be found can be found in the same nstruments section of the site...

    IRC, Some of the most complete charts were to be found in the back of Roland analogue synth manuals (from around the late 70s). I have a copy of one of these charts somewhere but haven't a clue as to its precise location right now...
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    Re: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

    Jack, I have a file of instrument notes, the corresponding midi number and frequency if that helps.

    It wont post cleanly here as its in columns of data, PM if youd like a pdf of it.


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    Re: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

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    Re: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

    Thank you both! Both are very helpful.

    I am trying to compile my own little reference binder of convenient info when working with midi, the sequencer, the notation program and instruments, and finally the audio files.

    I look things up, but then forget and half to look them up again. I'm hoping by putting the specific things together I need, by referring to the info frequently (without too much hassle to find what I want) I'll start remembering the things.

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    Re: Quick-Reference Chart: Instrument-Range-Frequency

    This is another one, but it doesn't have octave names . It's ok if you figure out what the first one it


    And this one i think is a bit better and full :

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