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Topic: Volume control

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    Volume control

    I installed GPO into my new computer. It only has WordPad and not Word, so I can't review my old documents, including my GPO documents. Consequently, I can't find the answer to this basic question.
    I know that you increase the volume on the bottom left "volume" button on the Kontakt player. But this still leaves my strings at an almost inaudible level. When I adjust the mod wheel, the strings are loud enough. However, every time I stop playback in SONAR, the mod wheel gets reset. How do I fix this problem?
    Sorry for such a basic question. I'm getting old and can't remember things like I used to.

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    Re: Volume control

    Rageangel, I think you are confusing the mod wheel with volume. Although the mod wheel does affect volume, it is like blowing harder into the trumpet, it affects dynamics and hence the volume is naturally increased.

    Sonar is resetting your mod wheel because you have no mod wheel data in the midi track. Before you start recording notes into a midi track, record at least a little burp of mod wheel data about 70% before your first note, this should extend past the end of the piece. After you have completed entering and editing your notes, go back and erase the mod wheel data and use your overdub feature to play new mod wheel data, this will express your dynamics.
    I went over this very thing in the mixing tutorial that Gary just posted.


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    Re: Volume control

    Thank you,sir. I shall certainly give that a try.

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    Re: Volume control

    Quote Originally Posted by rageangel
    Thank you,sir. I shall certainly give that a try.
    glad to help!


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