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Topic: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

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    PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    Hi all,
    First, I'd like to thank those people who listened and those who commented on my piece which was posted here earlier.

    Here's my issue: My laptop was recently stolen in a break-in. Thankfully, nothing important was on it, and it was insured. When the insurance company asked me if I wanted them to replace the laptop or let me cash out, I chose to cash out, as I wanted to upgrade it anyway.

    But then I got to thinking...

    Currently, I use a PC set up with Gigastudio 2.5. (I have Gigastudio 3, but as yet, I havent had time to upgrade and re-learn things, as I've been in the middle of a project until recently.) I have a Layla 24/96 card, and I use Sonar 3 Producer Edition as a sequencer. I use Cool Edit Pro to mix.

    So many people here at school who are audio people have told me that in the "industy", Macs dominate, and if I want to get serious, I'm going to need to ditch the PC set-up altogether. Go with a Mac and Digital Performer.

    So now, I'm seriously considering... Laptop = PC or Mac? I am going to a serious music festival this summer, and I need to have a computer of some kind to take with me. So I have questions:

    Do I go with what I know? (As good of a PC as I can afford in a laptop)


    Do I get a G4 Powerbook and try to learn it in time for this summer. It was suggested that I buy the PC laptop this summer, and then next summer, get the Mac, but that's a SERIOUS drain of money to try to outfit both of those systems.

    The other set of questions is this:

    If I go with a PC Laptop, is the set up I have: Sonar 3 Producer, Finale 2005, Layla 24, GS 2.5/3 and Cool Edit Pro, work well for me, or should I consider starting to learn more, "sophisticated(?)" programs like Logic, Protools, or other sequencers. What are some others that I should consider?

    And, if I go with the Mac, considering I would have to re-outfit everything, how much WOULD I need to re-outfit. All my libraries are for Giga... What samplers do mac users use, what sequencers, what... everything else? I know nothing about Macs.

    Please... Any advice about this is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much,
    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed


    Thanks for starting yet another Mac vs. PC thread. This will turn into one of those 300 posts threads that gets people banned and ends up with everyone pissed at each other!


    Now let me start the fight by saying this....when I was pricing laptops for my wife, I found Mac laptops to give you a much bigger bang for the buck feature for feature. Believe it or not, an iBook is one of the least expensive name brand laptops that you can buy on bestbuy.com

    Secondly, I would like to point out that Tiger (the new Mac operating system) is right around the corner and will feature a very powerful new OS with features that Windows users will have to wait another year or so for until Longhorn is released.

    Thirdly, I find that Logic Express ($300) is a great sequencer that allows you to do about 90% of the things that you would do in Logic Pro while not investing all that $$$ into a program that you're not familiar with. Logic Express is being updated at the end of the month as well, it is incredibly powerful and will give you tons of very usable plug-ins and virtual instruments right off the bat.

    Fourthly, the line of Mac laptops is about to get updated in a couple of weeks..if you buy as soon as they release the new machines you'll lengthen your ability to stay current.

    Fifthly, many web stores like clubmac.com offer free RAM upgrades with new purchases. In the past I have been able to leverage the Apple Store to match the offer and upgrade my RAM. I know many others who have been successful at getting Apple to match the offer.

    Sixtly, go to http://www.dealmac.com for the latest good deals. You might be surprised by what you find!

    Sevently, PC's suck! There, I said it! HAHAHAHAHA....let the fight begin!
    Music Composition for Feature Films, Television and Interactive Entertainment

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    Hi Kays, thanks for the quick first jab! I appreciate the information on Macs.

    The question for me isnt really "which is better", but, in my situation, which is going to be the better way to go? The way I understand it, I'll need to totally scrap everything I own, all the libraries I have, the sampler, everything, and buy everything new. And learn how to use them. If the Mac, Logic, and some Mac sampler (Halion?), is really the way to go, then... so be it.

    Is there any legitimate reason to "stay with what I know?" (Giga, PC, etc) for now, and switch later, or... I mean, I'm going to need a working system, and know how to use it by late July...

    Steven J. Kukla

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    Well Im not going to fuel a "PC v Mac" fire. I know what works for me and Im happy with it.

    Ill just say, you dont HAVE to have a Mac be a composer. Im not saying they're bad or anything, but I dont think myths like this should be propagated.

    Have a look at the software you really need to get the job done, what feels right for you? If you perhaps decide that Logic is THE sequencer for you, you'll need to go Mac.

    If perhaps you like Sonar and FX Teleport you'd go PC.

    But dont let emotional issues cloud your judgement. Look at it objectively and decide what works for YOU.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve_K
    So many people here at school who are audio people have told me that in the "industy", Macs dominate, and if I want to get serious, I'm going to need to ditch the PC set-up altogether. Go with a Mac and Digital Performer.
    Basing you decision on this statement isn't quite accurate. I think more people actually use PC nowadays than macs in music production. Mac still has the market of more established music people, but for younger guys I'm finding the PC to be more prevelent.

    That being said you'll need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. I don't want to get into it but just between you and me, they both do about the same things.

    Decide first on what programs you like to use. Then base your decision on that. I use both mac and PC.

    My main DAW is a mac and I run Gold on a seperate PC.


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    Unhappy Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    So many people here at school who are audio people have told me that in the "industy", Macs dominate, and if I want to get serious, I'm going to need to ditch the PC set-up altogether. Go with a Mac and Digital Performer.

    Composers who happen use PC to compose cant be serious.... I like that. That has to be one of the most rediculous lines ive ever hear on this site to date. Who told you that? What kind of morons could even come up with that B.S ?..As if theres any diff. between writing on a P.C. or Mac...pfff...Sorry Steve, but when you get out of the school enviornment as see what working composer are really using you`ll find that thats all arbitrary..

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    ^^^^^ sorry for above anger.... I just cant believe people are still perpetuating this kind of mis-information ..all cause of marketing hype... No hard Feelings Steve. I know your just trying to get info and help to make your discision. All the advice above is great. Rich

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    Macs suck... PCs suck... ice cream rules!!!!

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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    It seems to me from my point of view that it's about 50/50 on pro use between Macs and PCs.

    Lee's points about Logic Pro are really true, but on the other hand, it would be a much easier decision if there was a G5 Powerbook. The difference between the G4 and G5 in terms of real-world performance is massive.


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    Re: PC vs. Mac -- Advice needed

    I prefer doing all of my serious work on a Commodore 64 networked to an Atari XL.

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