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Topic: help with cd rom drive

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    help with cd rom drive


    While most of my posts here are recording related, this one is a little off topic. I apologize, but I figure someone here might be able to help.

    I bought and installed a Samsung TS-H492 combo drive. 52x cdr, 32x cdrw, 52x cd-rom, 16x dvd-rom. I wanted to be able to more quickly import my cd's into itunes. itunes always said my old drive was importing around 16x so i guessed it was a 16x drive and a 52x would import faster. This drive burns very quickly, but now my cd's start off a track importing at about 4x and by the end of the track it is up to about 10x. Why is this drive reading slower than my old one? Any help would be helpful.


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    Re: help with cd rom drive

    Is DMA turned on?


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    Re: help with cd rom drive

    yes DMA is turned on

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